Shipping Policies

Before making your purchase, it is important that you read our Terms and Conditions that are detailed below. Once made, it is understood that the information provided has been read and accepted by the person making the purchase.


Each purchase made on our website will be prepared within a period of 5 to 6 business days from the successful receipt of payment, within this period of time we will send you an email in which we will notify you that your order is being prepared, and It will be sent on Wednesday or Friday of that week. The foregoing does not apply in periods of massive discounts, promotions, Christmas sales, or E-COMMERCE events such as CYBERMONDAY, CYBERDAY, among others, whose term may be extended up to 8 business days from receipt of payment. However, we always try to send it as soon as possible so that you enjoy your purchase.


The products are dispatched through Starken , whose delivery times generally range from 2 to 3 business days from shipment, except in the case of isolated or extreme areas/cities.

It should be taken into consideration that we only ship within the Territory of Continental Chile, consequently excluding the Chilean Antarctic Territory, Juan Fernández Island and Salas y Gómez Islands. Following the above, the deadlines may be affected by exceptional situations such as wars, States of Constitutional Exception, Sanitary Crisis, among others, whose delivery deadlines may be altered, deadlines whose maximum delivery days we cannot inform, since it will vary depending on the exceptional situation in which we find ourselves.

La Pulga will not be responsible for the loss or return of the product by the Courier, as a result of the inappropriate "withdrawal at the branch" or "non-receipt at home". Nor will our company be responsible for the loss of the product due to data provided in an erroneous or incomplete manner.


In dispatches 2 delivery attempts are made. If after the second attempt no one is found to receive your order, your purchase will return to us. In the event that your order is not received and returns to us, the customer will be charged for the second dispatch.


If there are times of the day when no one is at home, don't worry, we have the solution! Request the dispatch with withdrawal at any Starken branch at the time of completing your information for the shipment. You must specify the address

Please, help us so that the shipment is fluid, make sure to write your address correctly and in this way we save bad times and unnecessary expenses in shipments.

Important: If you know that Starken does not make home deliveries in your commune, in the shipping data, directly enter the address of the Starken Agency that best suits you.


1.RM: $2,990
2. Regions : Shipping payable, it is paid to the shipping company when it arrives at your address.